The Link Site

Hey, this site's purpose is simple...create a huge site of nothing but links. If you would like to be added my site simply email me at with all your info. Happy linking!!!

Note: If you don't have a Quick Time the background music will not play. This often happens in Fire Fox Gran Paradiso. Soon there will be a plugin to fix this.

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Page Tutor
This is what my site is based on I learned a ton from this site.

Great site, much like mine lots of games and things.

A different lay-out than Bored but it has the same premise behide it.

Adicting Games
Ahhhhhrrrrr..... KA BOOM..... out of lives nooooo....

Midi Database
Can't find a midi go this great midi site. One of the largest collections on the web.

Spud Tech
Nothing like a site about lauching of potatos.

Advanced Spuds
Another site filled with how-to's about spud guns